What is occupational health and safety, and risk management?

Health and safety is about keeping workers safe, reducing risk, and preventing injury and potential illness while at work. Managing health and safety in the workplace is a significant business issue and is one which has received significant attention since the Pike River disaster and the health and safety law reform since 2010.

Everyone is accountable for safety, employers and workers (employees, contractors, visitors, volunteers) alike need to ensure their safety at work. Every person operating a business or undertaking has responsibilities with health and safety, especially where workers are involved. Workplaces require robust safety management systems to ensure compliance. Improved Government enforcement regimes will demand greater accountability from employers and workers, with the potential for severe litigation and fines for breaches in health and safety legislation and regulations.

 Why is occupational safety and health (OSH) important?

  • OSH promotes safer work cultures, while encouraging continuous improvement in ensuring work tasks and activities are carried out safely each time.
  • Implementing robust hazard and risk management processes will reduce the likelihood and consequences of harm during the completion of business objectives.
  • Sound policies, procedures and systems will reduce costs and risks of quality defects and wastage, and may reduce your ACC levy.
  • To maintain quality, you must be confident that staff are following standard operating procedures, minimizing waste, and staying safe in their work.
  • You need to be able to provide evidence your business is legally compliant, or face potential enforcement with increasingly larger fines, or criminal conviction.
  • You'll reduce or mitigate the risk of litigation if anything does go wrong.

How we help:

  • You’ll gain a healthy and safe working environment where staff understand expectations and follow operating procedures.
  • Gap audits, system reviews and operational reviews can be completed to prioritize action and keep documentation current.
  • Health and safety action plans can be prepared to show your progress in compliance, and to ensure you're meeting your obligations.
  • Together, we’ll develop a practical health and safety plan that is effective and legally compliant.
  • We’ll find health and safety solutions to minimize disruption to your normal operations.
  • Completion of investigations and liaison with WorkSafe so you can continue your business operations.
  • Provision of customized training.



VJ Distributors

VJ Distributors are a Hawke’s Bay company providing businesses with a vast range of hospitality supplies, cleaning products, paper products and pool chemicals.  On top of this, they are also exclusive agents for Total Oil Lubricants in the Hawke’s Bay.  They believe in going the extra mile for their customers and providing them with good “old fashioned” customer service.

“The team at Grow HR acts as virtual HR and Health and Safety advisors for VJ Distributors.  They have built a strong relationship with our business and continue to make sure they understand what is most important to us.  With this, they provide us with day to day support and advice, making sure our documentation and practices are tailored to our business and culture, that these are legally compliant and that we continue to develop.  Their services are responsive and their advice is provided in a very practical way.”

Craig Bridgman, Managing Director