What is HR and business restructuring?

Change is inevitable in business; different people bring different strengths to a role, advances are made to technology, and the nature of your organisation or business may evolve. To adapt to change, you need to regularly review your workforce structures to ensure you have the right roles for your priorities. This may involve restructuring people, positions, and working conditions within your organisation.

 Why is HR and business restructuring important?

  • To continue to thrive, your organisation needs to be ready to adapt to external pressures if required.
  • Restructuring can help you respond to changing organisational priorities or monetary constraints.
  • It is vital to manage changing or redundant roles correctly, to ensure all options have been explored, and you’re meeting your obligations as an employer.
  • Regular organisational reviews allow you to respond to challenges and opportunities as they arise.

How we help:

  • By providing sound advice and support for business restructuring.
  • Assisting with design or review of your organisational structures.
  • Developing individual job content into clear position descriptions.
  • Ensuring legal compliance through the restructuring process.
  • Offering business restructuring strategies to improve performance and productivity.


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