What are HR policies, procedures and practices?

HR policies, procedures and practices establish a framework to help to manage people. They cover everything from how the business recruits its staff through to ensuring employees are clear about procedures, expectations and rules, are how managers can go about resolving issues if they arise.

Why are HR policies, procedures and practices important?

  • They help develop your company culture.
  • They help employees to understand what is expected of them.
  • They reflect your business standards.
  • They provide guidance and tools for managers to assist with the management of employees.
  • They provide rules surrounding fairness, consistency and clarity.
  • They ensure you’re meeting your legal obligations in regards to employees.
  • They help to integrate new staff members and bring them up to speed in the shortest amount of time.

How we help:

  • Manuals, forms and procedures for Managers so they have easy to access resources.
  • Employee handbooks and individual policies and procedures to help clarify your organisation's expectations.
  • Development of robust HR policies, procedures and practices tailored to your business and proven to deliver results.
  • Recruitment processes and tools that enable organisations to manage their own recruitment exercises.
  • Advice and guidance for best practice and proven practical HR strategies for all business sizes.
  • Best practice audits so your organisation continues to develop.



Weldwell New Zealand

Weldwell New Zealand has 80 staff across its organisation that includes a manufacturing facility in Napier and several retail outlets throughout New Zealand. General Manager Bernard Walsh says Grow HR provides support and advice across all the company’s human resources and employee relationships, resulting in a very positive partnership.

“Grow HR are a friendly and professional group of HR specialists who keep us up-to-date with current policies, employments trends and regulations. Weldwell New Zealand wants to be aligned with progressive and innovative partners and Grow HR helps us enhance our culture, improve our skills, and ensure we have modern and compliant relationships with our team.”

Bernard Walsh