What are employment relations?

Strong, constructive employment relationships are the foundation of  productive and successful businesses. Employment agreements, company policies and procedures, and employment law together create a framework of obligations and expectations to help employers and employees to foster and maintain constructive relationships.

Sometimes these relationships can become damaged, where one or both parties fail to fulfil their obligations or to meet expectations. This can have a serious impact on you, your people and your business.

When things go wrong in an employment relationship from time to time, the Employment Law framework sets out mechanisms, processes and obligations to help resolve issues.

Employers’ obligations and what is expected of employers is constantly evolving. Knowing, understanding and navigating through the various obligations can be challenging for employers.

That’s where Grow HR can help. We work alongside you and support you to implement frameworks within your business that will support constructive employment relationships. And if things go wrong in an employment relationship, we support you and provide guidance to resolve employment relationship problems in a timely and pragmatic way.

Why are employment relations important?

  • Employment agreements and collective bargaining sets out the relationship and obligations of each party
  • Well-managed employment relations support the needs and culture of your business.
  • Employment relations processes will help to minimise interruptions and resolve issues quickly.
  • They establish how you want to work with staff and their representatives, and how you will develop key working relationships into the future.
  • They help maintain harmonious workplaces and achieve good outcomes that benefit all parties.

How we help:

  • Developing employee relations strategies that are easy to understand and maintain.
  • Drafting customized employment agreements and contracts for services, as templates or specific to individuals, so the terms of the relationship are clear and written in plain English.
  • Sound practical advice about employment law and its application, so you can make informed decisions, and carry out procedures in a legally compliant way.
  • Guidance and representation for managing poor performance and disciplinary processes so issues are resolved for your organisation.
  • Resolution of personal grievances and employment relationship problems.
  • Representation in mediation and the employment relations authority, providing the necessary expertise and voice for your organisation.
  • Bargaining support and advice so negotiations are conducted with your priorities in mind.



Grow HR have added immense value to our business.

We engaged with Grow HR to assist the managing director and board of directors in the following areas of our business:

  • Advise and provide appropriate employment contracts for full- and part-time team members.
  • Assist with building position descriptions.
  • Create appropriate performance payment structures / total remuneration packages for our key sales people and management.
  • Assist the board in implementing an annual remuneration policy process across the entire company for all employees.
  • Advise and implement employee review processes.
  • Work with management in conjunction with our HR recruitment company during key employee search and appointments.
  • Advise management on handling employee issues appropriately and in a timely manner when required.

Like many fast growing companies our resources are relatively limited so by utilising Grow HR’s expertise in the above areas this has enabled us to remain focused on executing our marketing, sales, and overall business strategy without getting bogged down in the finer detail involved around HR.

Outsourcing our HR requirements to Grow HR has been one of the best moves we've made to support better governance and ensure our growth is sustainable.

Adam Ryan, Managing Director, Nutrisearch