What are Employment Investigations?

Investigations are generally carried out to understand more about a situation.  This could be in response to an allegation or incident for example.  

An investigation could be used to decide if more formal action is required or as part of more formal action such as a disciplinary investigation process. Grow HR holds a Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority Company Licence for Private Investigations and has individually Licenced Private Investigators on the team. 

Why are employment investigations important?


  • You must meet obligations for what a fair employer could do in the circumstances
  • So you can understand an order of events, who may have been involved or witness to a situation and to gather facts
  • To help you decide on what action or formal process you want to take in response to a situation or incident


How we help:


  • Licenced Private Investigators  
  • Support for employers with specialist knowledge 
  • Independent and impartial reporting