What is culture development?

Culture development is the building of positive workplace environments that encourage productivity, efficiency and profitability. You can influence and change your company culture with effective HR initiatives and strong leadership. Organisations who adopt HR practices to change, or continue to develop, their company culture for the better, see a direct improvement to the bottom line.

Why is culture development important?

  • You can influence productivity, efficiency and profit.
  • You’ll retain more staff for longer and promote a strong work ethic.
  • You’ll create a sense of workplace pride and increase employee commitment.
  • Your organisation’s profile will improve in the marketplace, enhancing your brand.
  • You’ll attract desirable employees.
  • You’ll continue to thrive during challenging times.

How we help:

  • Staff surveys for feedback about employee's views, experiences and suggestions.
  • Askyourteam.com surveys to help you develop a model of continuous improvement.
  • 360 degree leadership surveys, training and coaching to support ongoing development for managers.
  • Competency development aligned to your organisation's vision and values to support recruitment and employee management processes.
  • HR policies to promote the desired working environment.
  • Strategies to improve communication, feedback and positive working environments.
  • Practical initiatives and solutions to create culture change.