Human resources, employment relations and health and safety is a minefield for employers. Here are a selection of questions we’re asked often.

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The best way to assess this is to compare your pay and benefits against what is being reported in valid remuneration surveys, or by commissioning a local pay survey that is carried out on your behalf so that you can compare your rates with what other companies are paying for similar roles locally.  

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Providing clear expectations and regular quality feedback are key to managing and developing employee performance. Where despite best efforts you still have performance concerns more formal procedures may be required.

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The test for this is whether the day would have otherwise been a working day.  If the answer is yes then the staff member should be paid.  If you are unsure or do not know how much should be paid contact Grow HR.

Reference checks can provide many insights into your candidates previous work experience and performance and their skill levels. We recommend that you ask a variety of questions about performance and behaviours and also questions that check information you have been provided at interview.

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As a minimum you are required to have an employment agreement in place for all employees which amongst minimum requirements includes a description of duties to be performed.  As this description is the basis for setting role expectations our recommendation is that you use well developed position descriptions rather than a list of tasks.

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If you haven't updated your health and safety system since April 2015 when the new Health and Safety at Work Act and supporting regulations were implemented then it is likely that our system will require updates.

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Yes, Worksafe inspectors have right of entry to visit your work premises and to look at your records.

If you receive an improvement notice as a result of a visit Contact Grow HR for help with next steps.


Health and safety is not simply about have a written manual that can be produced when requested.  It is about ensuring that written procedures and actual work practices are consistent, supported from the top and focused on quality - this is what supports success, makes workplaces safe and minimises risks of errors or waste.

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The Worksafe Notifiable Event tool sets out which events and accidents are notifiable to Worksafe, what you need to do and when, and how to make the notification. 

If you have had a notifiable event and need assistance with investigating the event and/or liaison with Worksafe Contact Grow HR