What is an employment agreement?

An employment agreement sets out the terms and conditions agreed between you and your employees. It includes information about issues such as hours of work, rates of pay, holidays and what is expected of the person as an employee of your organisation. Every employee must have a written employment agreement.

Some organisations may have collective agreements in place. Unions negotiate with the employer to agree employment terms and conditions on behalf of their members. This process is often called collective bargaining.

 Why are employment agreements and collective bargaining important?

  • They set the expectations and entitlements for the employment relationship.
  • They ensure you meet your duty of good faith in negotiating those terms and conditions.
  • You’re required by law to have a written employment agreement signed by both parties.
  • They provide a record of special conditions, such as fixed-term contracts.

How we help:

  • We provide practical advice, support and customized individual agreement templates
  • We offer variations to employment agreements where you and your employee agree changes to terms, conditions and/or entitlements.
  • We’ll ensure your employment agreements best suit the nature and requirements of your business.
  • Our employment agreement templates are regularly reviewed and updated to make sure you remain legally compliant.
  • We offer expert advice and support in preparation for collective bargaining.
  • We'll negotiate and bargain with representatives on your behalf.
  • We draft collective agreements.
  • We provide expert guidance and advice around union relationship strategies.