What is succession planning?

Succession planning is how the organisation can best plan and manage risks to support business continuity into the future. Over a period of time, you can recruit, train and develop employees to take on more challenging and senior roles within your organisation. Effective succession planning reduces interruption to daily operations and the impact on business continuity if you lose a key person.

Why is succession planning important?

  • You’ll ensure your business can continue to operate and be viable into the future.
  • You’ll ensure your employees continue to have work, protecting their interests and families.
  • You’ll provide a career pathway and development opportunities for your most talented employees.

How we help:

  • Development of a succession strategy.
  • Identifying suitable personnel for key positions to minimize risks to operations.
  • Leadership training and coaching so that you can develop future leaders.
  • Restructuring to make the best use of your talent pool for optimal business efficiency into the future.