What is disciplinary action?

Sometimes employees do things that they’re not supposed to. Employee misconduct can have a negative impact on you, your business, and your business’ reputation. When misconduct issues arise, the disciplinary process enables you as employer to put issues and concerns to your employee, and to take appropriate disciplinary action to correct the misconduct.

Employers have a range of obligations to meet when carrying out disciplinary processes, and when taking disciplinary action, so it’s important to take advice to ensure these obligations are met.

Grow HR can provide advice and support throughout the process to help you ensure your disciplinary processes are robust 

 Why is disciplinary action important?

  • It enables organisations to investigate issues or concerns in the workplace in a fair and transparent way.
  • It provides employees and their representatives with an opportunity to respond to allegations and provide any additional information or evidence.
  • Employers are able to implement consequences for breaches of expected behaviour, obligations or performance.

How we help:

  • We will assess the situation and provide guidance on issues to ensure the correct process is implemented.
  • We can draft correspondence so all relevant information is provided in a legally compliant way.
  • We can chair disciplinary meetings to provide independence and expertise through the process.
  • We will liaise with employee representatives on your behalf to represent your views and wishes, so commercially appropriate outcomes are achieved wherever possible.
  • We provide coaching and support to upskill you and your managers, so that you are empowered to lead disciplinary processes with confidence.