Rehabilitating Staff Back to Work

With Mandy office fairly bound due to an injury (non-work by the way!) for the last few weeks it seems timely to write about the support available to help staff who cannot fully perform their role due to an injury or a medical condition. Aside from the potential cost savings for the business and ability to maintain services by having that staff member back ‘at work’ as soon as possible, there is also plenty of research about the benefits to staff.

Where a staff member is injured and receiving ACC support there is the opportunity to get an assessment of whether there is any work they can perform and whether any aids or other assistance could support a facilitated return to work. Support can range from help with transport through to equipment like footstools which can be borrowed during recovery. Getting an assessment early also helps ensure that work requirements are being factored into medical rehabilitation programmes.

Likewise, where a staff member cannot perform normal duties due to a medical condition there are specialist resources that can help determine what work can safely be performed and again whether there is anything that could help support a return to work. Guidance can be obtained on what a suitable return to work plan might look like.

If you have a staff member absent from work and would like to find out how they can be supported back at the earliest opportunity do contact a member of the Grow HR team.