Hi, I'm Dave Robb

What makes the team at Grow HR different is that we don’t provide textbook services or responses to the challenges you’re facing. We work to understand you and your business, and provide practical advice and bright ideas to make for a more successful and productive workplace.

They call me the ‘Elder Statesman’ for my enviable hairline, and the fact I have arguably the greatest depth of experience in collective bargaining and employment disputes. Tough situations are what get us out of bed in the morning.

My position at Grow HR:
Director, Employment Relations Specialist

My specialist field:
Employee relations, collective bargaining, personal grievances and disputes, disciplinaries, problems with staff, employment relationships, employment agreements, legal advice, employment relations strategies, restructuring, and employment investigations.

My specialist industry experience:
Multi-sector experience, including manufacturing, local government, corporate services, non-government organizations, and SME’s.

My credentials:
Victoria University Centre for Labour, Employment and Work

Email Dave

DDI: (06) 280 5251

Mobile: 021 223 7810