Yvette James - HR/ER Consultant / Licenced Private Investigator

Hi, I'm Yvette James

Experienced and results-driven HR professional with approximately 30 years of industry expertise. I have partnered with organisations of all types and sizes, serving as a senior generalist and specialist to help them achieve their people goals. Known for my pragmatic, commercial, and holistic approach, I tackle employment issues, improve outcomes, and facilitate people development.

My Approach: Communication is Key

In my view, effective communication lies at the heart of every problem and solution, both at work and in life. I am dedicated to finding the right approach for each unique situation, ensuring that organizations and individuals are supported in the best possible way.

Areas of Expertise

As an ER/HR Consultant/Investigator, I am equipped to handle a broad spectrum of HR activities. These include employment relations, disciplinaries, workplace investigations, personal grievances and disputes, restructures and redundancies, employment agreements, industrial relations, coaching, positive performance management, mediations, and training and facilitation to upskill leaders and managers.

Diverse Industry Experience

Throughout my career, I have worked across multiple industries, including manufacturing, technology, finance and banking, hospitality, healthcare, horticulture, and local government. This experience has provided me with a deep understanding of different organizational dynamics, from large corporate environments to small private regional companies.

Credentials and Education

I am a trained and certified coach and a mediator (pending private Investigator certification). I earned my management and business degree through Massey University, with a specific focus on Human Resource Management.

Bringing Balance and Well-being

In addition to my HR expertise, I am also a passionate holistic health coach, reformer pilates enthusiast, and fitness fanatic. I believe that maintaining a balanced lifestyle translates into effective support for individuals and teams in achieving work-life balance and overall well-being.

Email Yvette

DDI: 027 415 1069

Mobile: 027 415 1069