Covid-19 Support for Employers - New Video's Available

In todays update are links to videos with practical information for Employers about support available and what to be preparing and planning for before making any changes to pay and terms of employment.  For captions click on the 'CC' button on the bottom right toolbar. 

Video's available are'

Don't just cut pay

Wage Subsidy

Resurgence Support Payment

As a reminder:

  • Communication and consultation before making changes to contractual obligations is a legal requirement
  • This includes situations where you may be looking to invoke business interruption / force majeure provisions
  • Variations to terms and conditions agreed by both the employer and employee are required where changes are being proposed and there are no business interruption / force majeure provisions.

If you are applying for wage subsidy support you will be signing a declaration to say that you have not unlawfully changed terms or conditions.  For criteria and applications  go to:

Resurgence Support Payment - Inland Revenue

Wage Subsidy - Work and Income

Other Business Support Measures -

For any assistance with assessing your options, consultation processes and communications contact a member of the Grow HR team