Planning Staff Cover for Christmas & New Year

Now is a really good time to start planning any business shutdowns and managing your staff's annual leave requests for the upcoming holiday period. 

The public holidays this year will be:

Wednesday 25 December
Thursday 26 December
Wednesday 1 January
Thursday 2 January

Payment for the above statutory holidays is due for any staff who would have otherwise worked on these days and this could include paying your ‘casuals’.  

All other days should be treated as working days and regarded as annual or unpaid leave if staff who'd normally work these days are to take these days off.

If your business is going to shutdown over the Christmas / New Year period please remember to give your staff notice in writing in accordance with employment agreement requirements. This should be no less than 2 weeks.  

If you'd like assistance with organising your staffing for the Christmas / New Year period or have questions about what payments might be due, please contact Grow HR on 06 878 5454