Staff Rewards and Recognition

Ideas for retaining staff is a question we are being asked more and more.  This is often because recruiting skilled staff has become a challenge.  Times like this serve as a good reminder about the importance of good employment and management practices.  This includes keeping an eye on not only where your future workers are coming from but also looking at how you retain current ones.

Rewards and recognition are one area that you can consider and review to assess whether your practices support your retention strategies.  TinyPulse have written a great article on some of the ways that performance and contribution can be recognised and rewarded to support retention of staff without breaking the bank.

If you want to look at what strategies would best support your business contact a member of the Grow HR team.



but you are a bit tired of pedalling “employee of the month” check out these creative ideas from TinyPulse.  They are not just simple but also won’t break the bank.