Xmas Closedowns

Xmas Closedowns


Well, Xmas is rapidly approaching with only 4 more full working weeks to go.  If you are planning a Xmas closedown period, now is the time to be letting your employees know, if you haven’t already.


You may have customary closedowns of all or parts of your business at Xmas time, but you must give your employees 14 days’ notice in writing. 


If an employee has annual holiday entitlement, they can take that.  If they don’t have annual holiday entitlement you could:

Approve leave in advance and pay 8% of their gross earnings as at the closedown date from:

  • the start of their employment if they have worked less than 12 months, or
  • their last anniversary date for annual holidays, less any amount already paid as 8% pay as you go or taken as annual holidays in advance
  • Depending on what option is progressed the employee’s anniversary date for annual holiday entitlement could be moved.


If you have any questions about closedowns or annual holiday payments, please give the team at Grow HR a call on 06 878 5454 or email team@growhr.co.nz.