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Harmful Digital Communications Act, what does it mean for Employers?

September 4th 2017

In July 2015, the Harmful Digital Communications Act (HDCA) came into effect.With the rise in digital communications this act is about deterring, preventin...

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What is on the governement agenda?

June 29th 2017

There are currently a number of Bills (proposed new laws) that have employment implications that are at the reading or select committee stage in Parliament...

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Staff Rewards and Recognition

June 27th 2017

Ideas for retaining staff is a question we are being asked more and more.  This is often because recruiting skilled staff has become a challenge.  Times li...

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Employment Changes from 1st April 2017

May 23rd 2017

The start to the financial year has seen increases in minimum wage and IRD mileage rates along with the final changes from the 2016 implementation of minim...

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Employment changes from 1st April 2017

April 5th 2017

This week has seen the minimum wage increases and final changes to the minimum employment standards come into effect. The minimum wage rates (exclusive of ...

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New appointment to Grow HR board and changes to the company’s leadership team

March 20th 2017

We are pleased to announce a new appointment to the Grow HR board and changes to the company’s leadership team.Senior consultant and Grow HR shareholder Ma...

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Do staff surveys really work?

November 17th 2016

Yes, yes and yes – if they are used for their intended purpose!Staff surveys take the guesswork out of what your employee’s are satisfied with, and not so ...

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Contractor Prequalification – Health and Safety

November 15th 2016

The use of health and safety prequalification processes have become increasingly popular this year. If you engage contractors to work for you, or if you ar...

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90-day trial periods in the limelight

September 9th 2016

Once again 90-day trial periods have been hitting headlines as individuals challenge their former employer’s application of the statutory 90-day trial peri...

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Gastro Outbreak – What employers (and employees) need to know

August 16th 2016

Hawke’s Bay is currently facing one its most significant community, health and business interruption events.  It is currently estimated that around 2,000 p...

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When your people are sought after....

July 25th 2016

Keen basketball fans may have seen NBA superstar Kevin Durant has agreed to sign with the Golden State Warriors for the next two years. Closer to home, we ...

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Getting the Ducks in a Row

July 19th 2016

Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace hit the headlines again yesterday when a former Envirowaste worker was awarded over $32,000 without deduction aft...

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Payment of Holiday Pay in the Headlines

July 3rd 2016

Making headlines earlier this month was the news that not all government employees have been paid holiday pay correctly. Others have come out to say that t...

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Off with a Bang!

July 3rd 2016

These first couple of weeks in April are certainly more than just the beginning of the financial year for a lot of companies. If this wasn't enough to be f...

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Getting the best out of young, first-time workers

October 7th 2015

View Director Murray Cowan's presentation on the challenges of getting the best out of young workers who may be in their first job.

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Hazard Management - How to spot the dangers at work

September 18th 2015

View Grow HR's Health and Safety Consultant; Andrew Morton presentation on the legal obligations for employers around hazard identification and management.

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How to hire the best person

September 7th 2015

View HR Consultant Mandy Cartwright's presentation on tips and tricks to help employers make sure they get their recruitment processes right...

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Managing Sickies

September 1st 2015

View Human Resources Consultant Lynette Blackburn presentation on how to manage “sickies”.

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90 Day Trial Periods – Can they benefit your business?

August 19th 2015

View our Employment Relations Specialist Gerrad Brimble's presentation on the benefit to businesses and the key requirements to consider when using the 90 ...

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2015 - July Newsletter

July 31st 2015

Read about Bills in Parliament, Getting the Language Right and Pay Controls...

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